We Thank You

A sincere thank you to the institutions and individuals who have provided financial support and equipment donations over the years. Your commitment has helped us provide technology since 1992 to hundreds of grassroots activists and groups working for social change here and abroad.

Earthworm Recycling has been generously been providing us with batches of similar computers which greatly facilitates our refurbishing process.

The South End Technology Center at Tent City, and its director, Mel King, were very generous, making the Computer Repair Course possible by providing the space needed to run the courses when we began them during 1997 and 1998.

Lotus Philanthropy (of the former Lotus Development Corporation) provided TecsChange with many computers during our first years, as well as one of our very first cash grants. Special thanks to Lotus for its belief in TecsChange.

The Boston Foundation provided a grant in 1997 to help train some of our most active tutors in techniques of popular education. This was vital in enhancing the curriculum of the Computer Repair Course.  In 2000 and again in 2002, we again received financial support from The Boston Foundation. Thank you!

The Haymarket People's Fund helped launch our successful summer 2002 YouthTech program. Donor-advised gifts have also been appreciated through the Haymarket People's Fund.

The Georgiana Goddard Eaton Memorial Fund providedTecsChange with a generous two-year grant for operational support in 2000 and 2001. Thank you!

The Boston Globe Foundation provided a generous grant in 2000.

The Hyams Foundation provided TecsChange with a grant to help initiate our Computer Repair Course in our Roxbury workshop in 1998.

The A. C. Ratshesky Foundation provided generous funding to support our Computer Repair Course in 2000.

The City of Boston-Safe Neighborhood Youth Fund provided funding for our YouthTech technology & media program in 2002/03.

The Roxbury Highland Charitable Foundation provided grant funding towards our YouthTech program in 2003.

The Math Works employees voted to donate to us a fraction of their company's charitable contributions, in both 1998 and 1999. Special thanks to Stacy W. for her enthusiasm and advocacy work on our behalf.

The Coelo Company of Design employee-owners in Corvallis, OR have provided ongoing support for TecsChange. (Thank you, Carl.)

The Funding Exchange has provided TecsChange with donor-advised, anonymous support. Thank you.

The law firm of Mintz, Levin in Boston has provided TecsChange with several large computer donations. Thank you.

Susan Nye, thank you for giving up your basement during TecsChange's first years of existence, to house computer equipment and allow our volunteers to refurbish computers and provide them to dozens of grassroots groups.

Thank you to our 10th Anniversary sponsors, donors and friends who attended this TecsChange milestone in November 2002. You helped make it a terrific celebration as well as a successful benefit for TecsChange. Thank you.

We are supported by many individuals who have provided time, energy, enthusiasm, expertise and financial support through the years. You make us who we are. Thank you.


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