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TecsChange sponsored a terrific send-off celebration on Friday, March 8th, 2002 at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaia Plain MA, for the latest Pastors for Peace caravan traveling from Boston and other U.S. cities to deliver tons of material aid to grassroots communities in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Chiapas, Mexico. 

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At the Caravan Party

Rev. Lucius Walker, the founder of Pastors for Peace, joined in the celebration, recounting how Pastors for Peace got its start and how its mission and the caravans it sponsors today are more crucial than ever.  The evenings festivities included food, drink, a wonderful music and dance performance by local Honduran Garifuna performers, and dancing to world music afterward.  Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain, MA, graciously donated space for the event and served a delicious vegetarian dinner as well

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Packing the Caravan

TecsChange prepared and shipped ten computers on the caravan that will go to Honduran campesino, indigenous and African-descended communities through the National Center of Agricultural Workers (CNTC) and the Confederation of Native People of Honduras (CONPAH), as well as to Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast to the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN).  (TecsChange’s work with URACCAN dates back to 1995 -- see the International section on our website for more information about our partnership with URACCAN.)

Students and Tutors who worked on the Caravan Computers.

TecsChange upgraded and prepared donated computers through our innovative Computer Repair Course, where volunteer tutors guide community residents and activists through a 6-week course to take apart and refurbish computers in our workshop in Roxbury, MA. In addition to the computers we shipped on the caravan, each student in the repair course earned a computer of his or her own.

For More Information:  If you’d like to know more about the caravan, TecsChange’s other international work, our Computer Repair Course, or other projects and opportunities, send an email to tecschange@tecschange.org or call us at 617.442.4456.

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