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Computer Essentials Schedule

The series will consist of six classes. Each class will be self
contained so you can take the whole series or just come to the
individual classes that interest you. There will be a fee of $10 per
person per class. If you take the whole series fee will be $50 (a
savings of $10)

The classes will begin in early Fall, 2005.
Each class will run on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm for three weeks.
Please RSVP to insure a spot in the class.

See here for Course Details and Registration information.

Class 1: Organizational Policies
Access (Physical control, logons) who can use your computers and for what purpose?
Windows Updates;
Insurance or extended maintenance agreements?

Class 2: Recovering from Disasters
Windows won't boot;
Virus strikes;
Network won't share.

Class 3: Routine Maintenance
Cleaning & Defragging;
Laptop operation and policies;
Wireless operation and security.

Class 4: Where Do I Get Help?
Free vs. cost:
Techsoup, and other web resources etc.;
Resource list;
Explore Google,

local groups:
Evaluating the cost of free equipment;
Consultants and how to deal with them.

Class 5: Software Licensing and legal alternatives
Open Office and other shareware.

Linux Overview:

Class 6: What's In a Database?
(ODB, Multiplatform shareware)
How to access data;
Managing mailing lists.



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