Internet Access Where There are no Roads


Monday November 23, 1998, 7:00 p.m.
South End Technology Center at Tent City
359 Columbus Ave. (near Dartmouth St.), Boston
Sponsored by TecsChange - Technology for Social Change
Free and open to the public

For the past six months, Eric Ellsworth has been a volunteer computer consultant at URACCAN, The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. He has been based at the Bluefields campus where the only access is by ferry and propeller plane.

Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of Eric, the URACCAN staff, and a host of volunteers from throughout the United States, the Bluefields campus is about to be connected to the internet!

On Monday November 23, Eric will give a report-back about his experience in Bluefields. Come and hear about the challenges of bringing internet access to a remote site where the environment is as harsh as it gets; power surges and brownouts, leaking roofs, mold on floppy disks ...

TecsChange has been supporting URACCAN since 1994, before any of its three campuses opened their doors. We have donated computer equipment, provided technical expertise (both in person and via email) and installed a low-power FM transmitter as a campus radio station. We have also helped place technical volunteers at grassroots organizations in the developing world, including at URACCAN.

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