Tips & Resources for TecsChange Volunteers

This page is a list of articles, tips, and resources that may be of interest to Tecschange volunteers. The information here will vary in technical depth and direct relevance to day-to-day volunteer activities. We hope that you will find the information useful. If you have suggestions for other information that we should include, please write to us at

General Tips and Information
How to pack a computer for shipment. All you need to know about packing donated equipment (computer, monitor, printer, etc.) for shipment, to ensure that it arrives in one piece.

Technical Info
The famous TecsChange DIMM-SUMmary. All you wanted to know about computer memory but were afraid to ask. This is an expanded version of the article that appeared in "Keith's Tech Tips" column in our fall 2001 newsletter.

Other Ways to Get Involved with TecsChange
Open Software @ TecsChange. An article by TecsChange volunteer Alex Brown, about efforts to incorporate knowledge of open software into our programs. If you are interested in promoting Linux at TecsChange is this for you!