TecsChange ~ Technology for Social Change

Our Mission

We provide technology to individuals and groups working for social change, locally and internationally.

Who We Are and What We Do


Beginning in 1992, participants of Computers and Social Change Conference in Boston came together to discuss a common interest in technological use in developing countries. Connecting our computer skills with our desire to support progressive grassroots organizing, we founded TecsChange.

Several of the founders of TecsChange (and the inspiration for our name) came from the national organization called TecNica. TecNica recruited technical volunteers to work in Nicaragua, during the Sandinista era. Louis Proyect of New York, who was on the TecNica board of directors, recently digitized a video about TecNica, the organization that in many way inspired TecsChange. Watch Video

We are volunteers, mostly from the Boston area, with software, hardware and computer training skills, as well as non-technical skills. We have a diverse membership and welcome volunteers at all skill levels. Our one volunteer requirement aligns with our mission: to support progressive social change here and in the developing world. Some of us have traveled to and/or worked in Latin America and Southern Africa, using our technical skills to train people in grassroots groups to set up software and hardware systems.

How We Are Organized

TecsChange is a volunteer-based organization. Decision making rests with the most active volunteers, and ultimate decision-making authority is the responsibility of the Steering Committee, a diverse group of individuals which includes (as of August 2008): Charles Turner, Charlie Welch and Chuck Pascal are the mainstays in keeping the organization moving.


Since early 2005, TecsChange has been an all volunteer organization. Charlie Welch handles the administrative aspects while Charlie Turner and organizes the technical work. Chuck Pascal has been an invaluble technical resource.


Volunteers are the foundation of TecsChange, contributing their technical and non-technical skills, time and energy to our programs and projects. Volunteer tutors run our signature "Computer Repair Course" four times each year. Volunteers work on computers that we provide to local and international grassroots organizations. Volunteers help develop and implement our YouthTech media and technology program. And volunteers help us raise the funds we need to keep TecsChange open and thriving.

If you wish to share your skills with TecsChange, we encourage you to do so. Contact us at tecschange@tecschange.org or at 617-963-0262 (Saturdays).

Volunteer Committees

For any of the above volunteer opportunities, please contact us at tecschange@tecschange.org if you'd like to share your skills!

Since 1992, TecsChange has provided computer equipment, training and technical assistance to hundreds of grassroots groups organizations working for social change locally and internationally.

TecsChange ~ Technology for Social Change

33 Harrison Ave. 5th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02111
(617) 963-0262

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