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Teschange has moved as of July 2009, we are at the following location:

Encuentro 5

33 Harrison Ave.5th Floor Boston, MA 02111 (near the corner of Beach Street in Chinatown) 617-963-0262 (Skype)

Our phone just takes messages most of the time.

It's much easier to reach us by email at info at tecschange dot org

We are a small organization looking for a limited set of stuff that we can process efficiently. We send a good percentage of our reprocessed equipment outside the country so it needs to be worth the effort and expense to do it.

We are always looking for laptops, Pentium 4 and above.

For desktops we are looking for batches of identical models so we can process them efficiently. We have a strong preference for the smaller desktop models with Windows XP-Pro Vista or Windows 7 Liscences.

We have all the CRT monitors that we can use, but are looking for working LCD monitors.

We maintain a slightly longer list of desired equipment

Thank you for your interest in reusing your computers. We also maintain a list of other organizations looking for computers.

TecsChange ~ Technology for Social Change

Our Mission

We provide technology to individuals and groups working for social change, locally and internationally.

TecsChange is still here.

We have scaled down our activities slightly, but we are still active providing support and hardware to local and international organizations. We have a number of ongoing activities that we have committed to it is difficult for us to undertake new projects at this time.

One of our activites has been to provide a number of resources for Bostons new space for progressive movement building Encuentro 5

Video History.

Although we do not currently offer the computer repair class, the video that documented on of our classes, produced by Lynn Weissman is now available.

Also Louis Proyect recently digitized a video about TecNica, the organization that in many way inspired TecsChange.

TecNica Video

New "Computer Essentials" Class Series starts!

this section is currently under review. Please be patient while we update the website with current information. Thank you! TecsChange is now offering a class series designed for non-techie organizers and activists working in small organization or individuals who need to keep their computers running happy and healthy. The classes will include both lectures and hands-on training. The series will consist of six self-contained lectures. For more details see here for Course Details & Registration or here for the current schedule.

What is TecsChange?

TecsChange is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization in Roxbury, Massachusetts. We offer computer courses to organizers and activists; provide computer equipment, training and technical support to grassroots groups here and abroad; offer our YouthTech program on technology and media to teens; and arrange and present speakers and forums on technology and social change. Our History and How We're Organized :: Calendar of Events

Where Our Funding Comes From

Contributions from individuals are our primary source of income, and are the reason we can continue to provide training, computers and technical support to social justice organizers and activists. We receive a small amount of funding from foundations, so need to rely on the donations of individuals to make our programs happen. Please consider supporting TecsChange with a one-time gift or a monthly donation. Make your tax-deductible (and much-appreciated) gift via our secure link below.

Donate Now Secure Connection

Support for Local Nonprofits

TecsChange provides progressive community organizations with computers, trainings, and technology assessments to get them the equipment and services they need at very affordable cost. We also rent our workshop to groups needing computer training space, and can provide tailored, low-cost training as well. Local Groups Needing Computers or Technical Assistance :: Computer Trainings and Workshop Rental

Computer Repair Course

this section is currently under review. Please be patient while we update the website with current information. Thank you! The famed Computer Repair Course is no longer being offered. We are now offering a new series of "Computer Essentials" classes geared towards how non-techies can keep their computers running efficiently. For more details please refer to the Course Details & Registration page.

Donate Computer Equipment

Individuals and companies donate the computer equipment that our volunteers refurbish and re-donate to nonprofit groups. Computer donations to TecsChange are tax-deductible. On our wish list right now: Window 98 or newer licenses Computer Equipment We Accept

Advanced Technical Workshops

We frequently offer workshops for our volunteers on advanced technical topics such as Linux, SCSI, drivers, modems, and more. Networking Workshop


We organize events during the year on aspects of technology in support of social change. Events Calendar

Your Financial Support

We provide technology to grassroots activists and organizations because of the financial support we receive from individuals who provide the majority of our funding. Please consider supporting TecsChange and help hundreds of grassroots groups get the technology they need! To make a secure online donation, click on "Donate Now" below.

To make a Stock Donation to TecsChange, contact Steve Fahrer at Progressive Asset Management at 1 (800) 659-8189. Stock donations give us the face-value amount of the stock. Neither the donor nor TecsChange pays capital gains taxes on the sale of the stock.

Donate Now Secure Connection

Volunteer with us!

TecsChange has been a volunteer-led organization since it began in 1992. We have one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities, both technical and non-technical. Volunteer Opportunities


Students from UMass-Boston and Northeastern University may apply for work-study positions. We have openings for our YouthTech program, as well as for non-technical and technical positions. Send a letter of interest to

Our Supporters

Thank you to the individuals and institutions which generously provide financial support and computer donations. Acknowledgments

Directions to TecsChange

Interesting Links

Since 1992, TecsChange has provided computer equipment, training and technical assistance to hundreds of grassroots groups organizations working for social change locally and internationally.

TecsChange ~ Technology for Social Change

33 Harrison Ave. 5th floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02111
(617) 963-0262 (Skype)

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